Terms and conditions of an online store carpetverse

The owner and operator of the online store at www.carpetverse.com is the company:

P.H.U. Dywanik, Filip Pilarczyk, os. Kolorowe 1b/1, 58-200 Dzierżoniów,

NIP: 8821930081, REGON: 020442892

Telephone: +48 511 591 511, email: poland@carpetverse.com

§1.Description, prices

  1. Each item in our shop is individually described
  2. The description of the item is always consistent with the actual appearance and characteristics of the item. An integral part of the description is a photo of a product that may differ slightly, depending on the settings of your computer screen.
  3. The prices of items are given individually; they are gross prices and include the cost of delivery within the European Union and the United Kingdom.
  4. Dimensions of hand-woven carpets may differ by 5% from the dimensions given in the description of the item.

§2.Order - contract

  1. The orders are accepted by the online store at www.carpetverse.com.
  2. When making an order, the customer declares that he or she is aware of these terms and conditions and accepts them in their entirety.
  3. The contract is concluded when the order is placed correctly.
  4. Each product in the shop is marked in detail.
  5. Dimensions may vary up to 5% from thedimensions specified on the item’s page. The colour may be distorted due to differences in screen settings as well as imaging devices (camera).
  6. For every order that includes a minimum of 1 carpet we offer free delivery within the European Union and the United Kingdom.

§3.Forms of payment

  1. Payment must be made within 7 working days from the date of confirmation of product’s availability.
  2. The payment for goods must be sent only after confirmation of the availability of the goods.
  3. Available forms of payment:
    • Bank transfer; so-called traditional bank transfer: The customer, after receiving information about the availability of the carpet, makes a transfer to the account of: P.H.U Dywanik, Filip Pilarczyk, os. Kolorowe 1B/1, 58-200 Dzierżoniów, Account’s number: 68 1050 1575 1000 0092 1510 3863 Bank ING, SWIFT: INGBPLPW, IBAN: PL68105015751000009215103863.
    • Cash on delivery; only in Poland.
    • Cash on personal collection in Dzierżoniów (Poland) or Hamburg (Germany). In such case, prior email or telephone contact is necessary.
    • Personal collection after prepayment in Dzierżoniów or Hamburg. In such case, prior email or telephone contact is necessary
    • Payment by secure online transfer via:
    • A. Sofort Bankng: Transaction via: www.sofort.com – supported banks: Alior Bank, Bank BGŻ, Bank BPH, Bank Pocztowy, Bank BPS (BPS25, E25), Bank Zachodni WBK, BNP Paribas / Fortis Bank, Citibank Handlowy, Credit Agricole (former Lukas Bank), Deutsche Bank, Eurobank, Getin Bank, ING Bank Śląski, Kredyt Bank, mBank, mBank (former MultiBank), Millennium Bank, Nordea, Pekao (UniCredit), PKO BP (iPKO), PKO BP (Inteligo), PLUS Bank (former INVEST-BANK), Raiffeisen Polbank, T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe (former Alior Sync), Volkswagen Bank
    • B. PayPal: Transaction via: www.paypal.com - for PayPal account holders and the holders of payment cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express;

We are not responsible for the above payment channels, which have their own security or buyer protection programs.

§4.Cost of delivery, delivery time, personal collection

  1. The delivery of each carpet at www.carpetverse.com is free and is 0PLN / 0EUR. Free delivery does not include anti-slip underlay.
  2. Return of goods in Poland is free of charge. Return costs within the European Union and the United Kingdom are covered by the buyer.
  3. Any item bought in our store can be picked up personally in Dzierżoniów or Hamburg. Please contact us by phone or e-mail before pickup. It is also possible to ship each product under the responsibility of the buyer; the store is not responsible for the operation of courier companies. The relevant procedures of courier companies cover the issues of liability in this respect. Each parcel will be insured to the value of the goods.
  4. Courier shipping from the warehouse in Poland is made via courier Companies of FEDEX, DPD, UPS and DHL; Courier shipping from the German warehouse is provided by GLS, DPD and UPS courier companies, depending on the weight and size of the package. In the case of not collecting the parcel despite the use of all possible delivery attempts provided as standard for the courier company, the administrative fee will be charged for the return of the parcel to the addressee. This fee is equivalent to 30 euro for the European Union and Great Britain and 30 Polish zloty for Poland.
  5. Delivery time, depending on which carpet warehouse it is from, take between 2 and 22 days, depending on the selected form of delivery. In extreme cases, however, we reserve the right to prolong this period. We also reserve the possibility of extending the time of shipment due to holidays or situations independent of us (eg stocktaking) - the customer will be notified about delays accordingly as soon as possible after the purchase,
  6. The delivery time depends on the payment method selected:
  • Online payment: immediate shipping (within 1-3 business days) from the warehouse       in Poland or Germany.
  • Traditional transfer: Shipment within 1-3 business days from receiving the payment. Shipping from the warehouse in Poland or Germany.
  • Cash on delivery: available only in Poland, it may extend the processing time of some orders up to 21 working days, due to the need to transport some of the products from the German warehouse to the warehouse in Poland. Please contact us to determine the exact delivery date.
  • Personal collection: Immediately upon prior email or telephone contact to confirm in which warehouse the carpet is located.


  1. Any item purchased on our auctions can be returned without giving a reason.
  2. The return period is 30 days.
  3. In the event of a return, the buyer shall cover the cost of returning the item to the registered office of the company.
  4. To return an item, please contact us before using this option.Refunds are due within 14 days to the bank account indicated by the buyer in email message.
  5. If the item is sold as a second quality, it is not refundable. It is also not possible to return customized items.
  6. Refunds concern consumer purchases within the meaning of the Civil Code.
  7. The sales receipt must be attached to the item to be returned.
  8. The item returned must be in intact condition
  9. Refunds will only be considered on the basis of a statement made in email or a letter,       in the form of a statement of withdrawal from a distance or off-premises contract.


  1. The duration of the warranty is described on the item's page as long as the item is covered by warranty.
  2. The warranty will be considered only if the item is intact.
  3. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from the misuse and improper use of the item, including bad protection of woollen carpets against moths or pulling out single threads from the carpet (some of the carpets can be soiled; to remove the protruding thread from the carpet always cut it - do not tear it).
  4. The basis of the guarantee is the receipt from the cash register.
  5. The warranty and guarantee for physical defects of the goods do not cover the effect of carpet dusting. It is a natural process and inevitable in the case of the carpets that we offer.
  6. The warranty does not cover the loss of individual threads from carpets made by hand - with this method of manufacturing; the excess of threads (up to 5%) may all out. Loose hair should be trimmed, never pulled - it could damage the carpet.
  7. The warranty does not cover natural cowhide leather. The feature of the product made of natural leather with the hair outside is the wiping of the hair cover, which is not a defect.

§7.Final Provisions

  1. Each item purchased in the shop will be accompanied by a receipt or a 23% VAT invoice (on request).
  2. Online shop www.carpetverse.com reserves the right to change the prices of products in the store, introduce new goods for sale, the right to approving and cancelling promotional prices, and the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons due to frequent inventory changes in several channels of our sales, and information systems as well as their mistakes.
  3. Use of the site is equivalent to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  4. Copying photos or descriptions of the site is prohibited without the owner's prior permission