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Hand made carpet Persian Gabbeh Loribaft 110x170cm 100% wool

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    Data sheet

    Data about the size and the carpet comes directly from the manufacturer and is generally generalized, and the size is given only in standard sizes. If you want to know the exact size and description of the carpet, see the more information tab.

    length 180
    width 120
    colour single colour, Red
    shape rectangle
    pile wool
    origin Iran
    knot density in 1m2 200 000 - 300 000
    thickness 1
    total weight in 1m2 4
    warp wool
    condition new
    good to know
    length and width +/-5% Exact dimensions on the label
    colour Indicative, may different from the pictures shown due to monitor settings
    material The exact composition in the product description
    knot density in 1m2 Knot density in one square meter
    new: Brand new
    new (0-20 years): New, carpet age is about 0-20 years, never used
    new semi antique (30-60 years): New product, stored about 30-60 years. Antique but not used.
    used See the description
    antique (over 70 years) Unique, over 70 years

    More info

    Orginal Loribaft carpet handmade in Iran. The exact dimensions: 106x166 cm. Red with texture.

    The word Gabbeh from the Persian language means raw, simple. And so are our carpets – the design is simple and the pattern modest (eg simple animal themes), sometimes even without any patterns. The original Gabbeh carpets are woven from hand-spun wool on a woolen warp. There are two types of contemporary Gabbeh - 1. Persian 2. Indian (however there are still others such as Turkish, Pakistanish). Iranian carpet Gabbeh is made of very durable, hand-spun, glossy wool, which is very durable. Gabbeh Indian carpets are generally woven from inferior quality wool on a cotton warp. The Gabbeh carpet thickness may be up to 3 cm. The yarn is dyed with natural or synthetic pigments. Sometimes the wool used for production is non-dyed - natural. The knott density of weaving varies - from 30,000 knots to 500,000 knots per square meter. Gabbeh carpets are the most well-known carpets in the world. They are woven in various sizes and colors (from natural, beige, non-dyed models to flashy, colorful blue, yellow and red carpets).

    Nomadic carpets are a group of carpets woven by Nomads - nomadic tribes inhabiting different territories. Nomads produce handmade carpets on the looms that are made by themselves.  Because the way they are made, there could be uneven line. The design these carpets is done without drawings, but from memory, and the design itself has a theme traditional for the given region. The group of nomadic carpets include, among others Persian Gabbeh carpets, Turkmen carpets from Afghanistan, Qashqai carpets and many more.

    Well-known Gabbeh carpets come mainly from India, Pakistan and Iran. This original Persian carpet Gabbeh Loribaft comes from Iran. Thanks to its fine knotting and the quality of wool it is very durable and resistant to dirt. Loribaft carpet is hand-woven by Nomad Qashqai and Luri tribes of south west Iran with the best hand-spun, washed sheep's wool. Gabbeh carpets are recognized thanks to their primitive, simple themes created based on the environment. Persian carpets are similar to Gabbeh carpets, however, they differ significantly - they are made of better quality wool, have a lower floor and wool warp (Indian and Pakistani carpets have cotton). The wool is high quality, hand-spun and dyed with plant pigments.  Other names are: Lori Baft, Lori Baf, Lori Baff, Loribaf, Loribaff.


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